About the blog

FiveTimesFive* is an NBA statistics blog with an aim to provide a deeper insight into NBA basketball from the statistical perspective, by focusing on different aspects of the game, investigating relations and trends, and possibly finding hidden answers to complex question with statistical analysis of data.


We would like to find fun facts by conducting both descriptive and advanced statistical analysis, from multivariate analysis and modelling to data simulation, and to present the results in clear and interesting ways. NBA basketball is fun, and so should be NBA statistics!

FiveTimesFive team are a group of basketball enthusiasts with different backgrounds, from data science, statistics, marketing communications, to design. We would like to encourage our readers to post comments, send questions or share ideas about the blog. And we will try to do our best to make our blog even more interesting.


*FiveTimesFive name comes from a 5x5 stat line – a player recording at least a 5 in each of the 5 statistical categories, i.e. points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. Historically, a 5×5 stat line has been almost as rare as a quadruple double.